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> RC5 - первое превью, полку RT-движков прибыло
сообщение 21/05/2009, 15:16
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fryrender RT
fryrender RT is the first unbiased render engine with real-time visualization capabilities.

fryrender RT is an extended version of fryrender which provides the tools necessary to export your scene into a format that our real-time engine RC5 can navigate at interactive framerates.

We are aware that the wait for fryrender RT / RC5 has been long. Now that we are facing the final stage of development, we have decided to make the wait feel a bit shorter by using this frontpage to post content created with RC5 every now and then. This way, you will be able to see for yourself what fryrender RT and RC5 will be capable of.

Vray RT уже анонсирован, RC5 же пока только в планах:

Additionally, please note that:

- There is no official release date. In the classic RandomControl fashion, RT will be released when it's done.

- The final pricing for fryrender RT will not be published until the product is released officially.

- There is no downloadable demo, and there is no beta testing program either.
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Paul Oblomov
сообщение 21/05/2009, 15:54
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Пивец крови.
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Не ну это не совсем рт. Это оно сначала рендерит один кадер (причем мне не понятно оно рендерит пока не поймет что хватит или я сам ставлю до чего считать). Потом уже работает через видяху эмулируя доф и прочее гагно.

А врай рт уже и дэмка есть.
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