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> If I remember correctly from Dofus Kamas last time
Rsking dom
сообщение 05/02/2020, 12:06
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If I remember correctly from Dofus Kamas last time, there were mentions of new possible temporis formats later on and the only thing that came up is dropping gear from many distinct levels of households from monsters? Why isn't there a mono account heroic and epic temporis servers included? Would bring multiple different elements to experiment and a true new adventure because not just you start from nothing but you play well known manners into a more thrilling challenge.Sabi posted this on one of the FAQ from season on 16 April 2018. Can another seasonal server open with no restriction that is Single-account? We plan to provide you with new gameplay experiences for the future new Temporis servers. It's under analysis, and it is still too early to reply.

Nine weeks of brainstorming and testing of the prior season is more than enough data to deliver different evolving bonuses to get temporis' servers. The ones that I listed above doesn't need to automatically be the specific ones but something more significant besides a small tweak of equipment drops from all assortment of levels. Why are the cosmetic rewards still concealed for surprise when the servers will be published in short period of time of two weeks? The cosmetic benefits from last season proved quite dreadful rather than motivating enough for most. It'd be better to reveal early so you may listen to your players' feedback if the reward is good enough to pursue and worth the wait. Should you reveal early as well as the rewards seem equally as poor from last season, you can subsequently repick more appropriate rewards to satisify the majority.

I concur completely on this.By which makes your advancement just turn into an exp potion and not bringing some of your gear or crafting exp over along with you, you just ultimately turned this seasonal host to a"game mode".The stage of a seasonal server is to give a fresh new way for new players or old players wanting a fresh start to be in a position to have that and be merged into the main audience after. What you are giving us is just a game style. It's not it is certainly not what we were accustomed and what we had been promised, although I'm not even opposed to it like the idea. Should you ask me you should have a normal temporis for people actually wanting an enjoyable original experience, but also have buy Kamas Dofus Retro their work paid off and merged to the primary cluster and also have this exceptional server to get a different experience.
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