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> the way back to the initial RuneScape gold whips, the way back to the initial RuneScape gold whips
Rsking dom
сообщение 15/09/2019, 10:04
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That is what EVERY maxed player has done, from Theater of Blood all the way back to the initial RuneScape gold whips, likely. That the point to playing an MMO. Getting the most from new content and being able to play it as it releases. The fact you keep bringing up combat as being the best money maker just demonstrates that you agree that gold rushes would be the best way to make money, as the sole time battle is well worth it is if you are geared up and so are near maximum, and do the newest battle related content whether it is zulrah, Olm, or even ToB. Combat is such a fundamental aspect to almost any MMO that naturally there is going to be combat related updates than there could be with each skill, that is just a given.

Wrong again. Every player aside from those fighting leaderboards and stakers farmed until ToB came out, Olm all the way. Just because prices fall after a week or 2 does not mean the most recent content is not the ideal source of income. If what you were saying were true, abyssal demons could still be applicable, together with dark beasts, KBD, KQ, metallic dragons, God wars, corp and the list goes on. N0valyfe, who's one of if not the most efficient player to ever play Runescape, was just able to max out so quickly after he was among the very first individuals to get 85 slayer, and made a fortune off the very first batches of whips to come into game.

Which is archived on his old website. Besides bosses, combat is lackluster when it comes to earning money, and the newest bosses will always yield the most income to be made, because the newest items will always have the maximum demand. What is the normal player make killing slayer jobs 200k/hr? If they're blessed? If combat was so effective, why was doubling nature runes the consistent and profitable technique of income for years? Perhaps because high alching is prevalent and heart to Runescapes market as I said previously cheap OSRS gold , and I'm not just pulling things
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сообщение 26/01/2020, 09:34
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